About the Journal

Pax et Bellum Journal is an open access, student-run academic journal in the field of Peace and Conflict Research. The aim of the journal is to provide a platform for student researchers and recent graduates to contribute to interdisciplinary peace conflict discourse and to share their perspectives on a wide-ranging scope of topics related to the field. We strongly believe that the voices of students and their exceptional knowledge should and must be heard, read and shared!

Pax et Bellum Journal pursues an open access policy. We believe in the free dissemination of knowledge and the transformative effect it creates. All previous editions of the Pax et Bellum Journal are available free of charge and our authors retain the rights to their works.

All articles are peer-reviewed by voluntary reviewers, all university graduates or current (post)graduate students. Articles are reviewed anonymously. Each article goes through two rounds of reviewing before a final round of editing.