International Journal of Role-playing 10 -- Full Issue -- IJRP




role-playing games, larp, tabletop, academia


IJRP 10: Social Dynamics within Role-playing Communities

Table of Contents

Shekinah Hoffman, “Dedication”

This issue is dedicated to Dr. Matthew. M. LeClaire (1989-2018), with a special memorial from his close colleague Shekinah Hoffman, as well as biographical information about his many accomplishments from his parents, Guy M. and Mary Jo LeClaire.

Sarah Lynne Bowman, Evan Torner, and William J. White, “Editorial: Retrospective, Challenges, and Persistence”

This editorial discusses the history of the journal, including shifts in scope. The editors also thank the contributors and reviewers for their persistence in times of great challenge.

Aaron Trammell and Nikki Crenshaw, “The Damsel and the Courtesan: Quantifying Consent in Early Dungeons & Dragons”

This article applies critical gender theory to early fanzine discourse. The authors examine discussions around rules for sexual encounters that were seen to objectify women characters.

Steven L. Dashiell, “Hooligans at the Table: The Concept of Male Preserves in Tabletop Role-playing Games”

This paper examines sociolinguistics in tabletop role-playing communities, asserting that player behaviors such as “rules lawyering” and “gamesplaining” privilege exclusionary “nerd” masculinity.

William J. White, “Indie Gaming Meets the Nordic Scene: A Dramatistic Analysis”

This article analyzes a discussion between indie designers Ron Edwards from the Forge and Tobias Wrigstad from Jeepform. The author applies Kenneth Burke’s dramatic pendad to the rhetorical moves made by each participant.

Matthew M. LeClaire, “Live Action Role-playing: Transcending the Magic Circle”

This participant-observer ethnography examines the ways in which Dagorhir larpers explore identity and negotiate social dynamics withing their role-playing community.

Matthew Orr, Sara King, and Melissa McGonnell, “A Qualitative Exploration of the Perceived Social Benefits of Playing Table-top Role-playing Games”

This qualitative analysis discusses how participants perceived tabletop role-playing as beneficial to the development of their social competence.

Juliane Homann, “Not Only Play: Experiences of Playing a Professor Character at College of Wizardry with a Professional Background in Teaching”

This paper presents experiences of teachers who played professors at the larp College of Wizardry, applying concepts from studies of work and leisure.




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