Call for Papers

Along with Calls for Papers on special topics, the International Journal of Role-Playing accepts submissions for peer review on an ongoing basis on all topics pertaining to role-playing games.

Call for Papers: Applied Role-Playing Games

The editors of the International Journal of Role-Playing invite submissions for a special issue on the use of role-playing games in applied contexts; that is, RPG play in the service of professional, social, and/or psychological outcomes. We are particularly interested in contributions investigating therapeutic and pedagogical contexts of application, explored via social scientific methods (qualitative or quantitative), with an eye toward enhancing our understanding of best practices for employing tabletop and live action role-playing games as a modality for aiding cognitive, affective, and behavioral growth. We are open to submissions examining other sorts of applications, including but not limited to the use of RPGs in:

  • Professional training, 
  • School environments,
  • Therapeutic interventions,
  • Trauma recovery,
  • Physical therapy,
  • Social skill acquisition groups,
  • Rehabilitation facilities,
  • Spiritual guidance,
  • Community outreach,
  • Personal development workshops,
  • Organizational development, 
  • Futures simulations, 
  • Crisis management, 
  • Conflict transformation, 
  • Contingency planning,
  • Health care pedagogy, etc.

As IJRP is an interdisciplinary journal, submissions for this special issue should be directed at a multi-disciplinary audience. We are especially interested in work from scholars of psychology, nursing, sociology, social work, and related fields, as well as practitioners of pedagogy, counseling, and other helping professions. We also invite theoretical articles aiming to understand how role-playing games might be used as tools to support personal and/or social transformation.

Submitted completed drafts of 5,000 to 8,000 words (not counting references, which should be in Chicago Author-Date style) for double-blind peer review to the editors at (ijrp.editor [at] For more information about submission guidelines, please review this linked page

Please contact the editors at (ijrp.editor [at] with inquiries and article proposals.

While we are accepting submissions on these topics on an ongoing basis, the deadlines for consideration in the next complete issue are the following:

Deadline for Abstracts: March 15, 2023

Deadline for Full Papers: May 15, 2023

Authors interested in submitting past these deadlines are invited to email their work to the editorial board for consideration in a later issue.

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