Developing a Framework of Larp Counseling


  • Brodie Atwater
  • Alexis Rowland



counseling, psychology, ethics, role-playing games, larp, safety


Within live-action role-playing (larp), there is growing discourse about providing structural caregiving for players through an embedded role known as a larp counselor. We outline the purpose and challenges of the role in order to discuss the need for standardization due to liabilities and expectations of care. Our solution is a training guide, which we propose in three parts: a code of ethics, procedures, and best practices. The code of ethics is presented in the Appendix of this article. The goal of this work is to help organizers, scholars, players, and caregivers better understand the motivations and boundaries of the role while providing an initial entry into an interdisciplinary and emerging practice.




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Atwater, B., & Rowland, A. (2018). Developing a Framework of Larp Counseling. International Journal of Role-Playing, (9), 16–23.