International Journal of Role-playing 6 -- Full Issue -- IJRP




role-playing games, simulation, education, larp, tabletop


IJRP 6: Special Issue — Role-playing and Simulation in Education

Table of Contents

Sarah Lynne Bowman, “Editorial”

Brodie Atwater, “We Need to Talk: A Literature Review of Debrief”

Sarah Lynne Bowman and Andhe Standiford, “Enhancing Healthcare Simulations and Beyond: Immersion Theory and Practice”

Gabriel de los Angeles, “Scaffolding Role Playing: An Analysis of Role-playing Interactions with Non Role-players of All Ages”

Jason Cox, “Arts-Based Inquiry with Art Educators through American Freeform”

J. Tuomas Harviainen, “Physical Presence in Simulation: A Scratch at the Surface of Complexity”

Mikael Hellström, “Playing Political Science: Leveraging Game Design in the Post-Secondary Classroom”

Josh T. Jordan, “Simulation and Character Ownership in Secondary Dramatic Literature Education”

Graham MacLean, “One Way to Create Educational Games”

Evan Torner, “Teaching German Literature Through Larp: A Proposition”




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Bowman, S. L., Atwater, B., Standiford, A., de los Angeles, G., Cox, J., Harviainen, J. T., Hellström, M., Jordan, J. T., MacLean, G., & Torner, E. (2016). International Journal of Role-playing 6 -- Full Issue -- IJRP. International Journal of Role-Playing, (6), 1–59.