International Journal of Role-playing 3: Full Issue




live action role-playing, larp, tabletop, rules, embodied cognition, empathy, bleed


International Journal of Role-playing 3: Full Issue

Table of Contents

J. Tuomas Harviainen, "Editorial"

The year and a half since the publication of issue two has both seen incredible formal advancements within the study of role-playing as well as witnessed several cases of people trying to reinvent the proverbial wheel, or to improve it while not actually acknowledging its existence. 

Karl Bergström -- "Creativity Rules: How Rules Impact Player Creativity in Three Tabletop Role-playing Games"

This article sheds light on how different rules systems for tabletop role-playing games (TRPGs) impact players’ sense of creativity. It uses interviews and group discussions to make the players reflect on how they are influenced by rules of their game.

Petri Lankoski and Simo Järvelä -- "An Embodied Cognition Approach for Understanding Role-playing"

The article proposes that the theories of grounded cognition and embodiment can be utilized in explaining the role-playing experience.

Mikael Hellström -- "A Tale of Two Cities: Symbolic Capital and Larp Community Formation in Canada and Sweden"

The purpose of this article is to locate common authoritative symbols in the larp presentations from two cities, and use Bourdieu’s theory to identify central norms in the material and how they can be significant as a homogenizing force within a larp community.

Mikko Meriläinen -- "The Self-Perceived Effects of the Role-playing Hobby on Personal Development: A Survey Report"

Investigating earlier research into the individual differences in those who play role-playing games, this article provides a comprehensive review of research in the areas of demographics, interests, personality and identity as they pertain to gamers.




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