Immersion as a Prerequisite of the Didactical Role-Playing


  • Myriel Balzer



immersion, didactics, education, surplus reality, methodological, subject matter, educational, edu-larp


The article deals with the relation of immersion and the didactical potential of role-playing. It fathoms the extent to which role-playing games without a didactical goal still have didactical potential, as well as the extent to which this potential is being exploited. Along the lines of the concept of surplus reality, I specifically look into the subject of the role-playing game’s alternative
reality and demonstrate that the didactical potential of methodically applied role-playing can only unfold by means of the generation of an isomorphous model of a real subject matter. It can then be shown that recreational live role-playing indeed has an enormous didactical potential, just like the methodically applied kind. This potential unfolds just like in methodically applied role-playing, as live role-playing generates an isomorphous model of our reality.  On the basis of these explanations I conclude with the development of a process-oriented definition of immersion, which allows for an intermediary perspective on the phenomenon of immersion, instead of a purely subjective one.




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Balzer, M. (2011). Immersion as a Prerequisite of the Didactical Role-Playing. International Journal of Role-Playing, (2), 32–43.