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Full Issue 1 of the IJRP.

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"Editorial," Anders Drachen

The International Journal of Role-Playing is a response to a growing need for a place where the varied and wonderful fields of role-playing research and development, covering academia, the industry and the arts, can exchange knowledge and research, form networks and communicate.

"The Many Faces of Role-Playing Games," Michael Hitchens and Anders Drachen

By examining a range of role-playing games some common features of them emerge. This results in a definition that is more successful then previous ones at identifying both what is, and what is not, a role-playing game.

"The Invisible Rules of Role-Playing: The Social Framework of Role-Playing Process," Markus Montola

This paper looks at the process of role-playing that takes place in various games. Role-play is a social activity, where three elements are always present: An imaginary game world, a power structure and personified player characters.

"Roles and Worlds in the Hybrid RPG Game of Oblivion," Erik Champion

Single player games are now powerful enough to convey the impression of shared worlds with social presence and social agency. This paper explores a framework for defining virtual worlds.

"Seeking Fulfillment: Comparing Role-Play In Table-top Gaming and World of Warcraft," Jason Pittman and Christopher Paul

Through ethnographic research and a survey of World of Warcraft (WoW) players, this study assess the relative fulfillment and frequency of online and offline role-playing for WoW players.

"A Hermeneutical Approach to Role-Playing Analysis,"  J. Tuomas Harviainen

This is an article about viewing role-playing games and role-playing game theory from a hermeneutical standpoint. In other words, it presents one view on how a role-playing situation can be seen as a set of texts.




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