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Tidskrift för ABM (TABM) is an e-journal with the aim of publishing research, reviews, travelogues and notes in the fields of Digital Humanities, Archival Studies, Library and Information Studies and Museum and Cultural Heritage Studies. We encourage and support master and PhD students to publish with us, as well as others in the field. The journal is run by an editorial board based at the Department of ALM at Uppsala University. The journal publishes at least one issue a year, in December.

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Vol. 8 No. 1 (2023): Tidskrift för ABM Special issue

This is a thematic issue of Tidskrift för ABM on information futures. This special issue called for explorations of the transformative role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital technologies as well as ethical, social and cultural implications of the evolving information landscape.

Tidskrift för ABM is based at the Department of ALM at Uppsala University. The editorial committee for the 2023 issue consisted of editor Zanna Friberg  and assocciate editor Camilla Lyckblad, senior researchers Reine Rydén and Isto Huvila and student editors Anna-Karin Rabe and Biyanto Rebin. Responsible publisher is the Head of the Department of ALM, Åse Hedemark.


Published: 2023-12-18

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