• Eranos - Acta philologica Suecana

    Eranos publishes original scholarly papers on Greek and Latin philology, including Medieval Latin, Neo-Latin and Byzantine Philology, and on Antiquity and Byzantine Studies in general. We welcome contributions in English, Latin and the Scandinavian languages.

  • International Journal of Role-Playing

    The International Journal of Role-playing is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal that examines all facets of role-playing games for an audience of academics, designers, and players. The journal emphasizes analog role-playing games such as tabletop, live action role-playing (larp), and freeform, but is open to submissions analyzing adjacent phenomena and other interdisciplinary topics in relation to role-playing game studies.

  • The Journal of Archaeology and Ancient History

    The Journal of Archaeology and Ancient history was founded in 2011 and has been published online and with open access from the start. We have now moved to this new platform and will publish all issues starting with number 31 on this page.

    Our previous issues have now been moved and can be found in the top menu under Archive.

  • Tidskrift för ABM

    Tidskrift för ABM (TABM) is an e-journal with the aim of publishing research, reviews, travelogues and notes in the fields of Digital Humanities, Archival Studies, Library and Information Studies and Museum and Cultural Heritage Studies. We encourage and support master and PhD students to publish with us, as well as others in the field. The journal is run by an editorial board based at the Department of ALM at Uppsala University. The journal publishes at least one issue a year, in the middle of December.

  • Orientalia Suecana

    Orientalia Suecana is a journal publishing contributions on languages and literatures within the fields of Semitic, Iranian, Turkic, Indic, and Chinese studies.

    Orientalia Suecana adopts the Diamond Open Access publishing model that provides free access to peer-reviewed journal articles without charging article processing fees.

  • Uppsala Papers in Economic History

    Welcome to Uppsala Papers in Economic History (UPEH)!

    UPEH are online working papers intended to disseminate research results to other scholars in order to encourage discussion and suggestions before journal publication.

  • Pax et Bellum

    Pax et Bellum Journal is an open access, student-run academic journal in the field of Peace and Conflict Research, affiliated with the Department of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala Universitet.